Reid Thomas


Board $650
Mega O Mega Supplement: $75.00
Training $700
Lesson Rate per hour $100.00 (if horse not in training/leased)
Mileage spreadsheet (to review up coming milage charges)
Wormer:  $15 per month                                                                                                             
Shoeing: varies per horse (avg. range $125 – $300)
Polyglycan: $65 per injection                                                                                                      
Lease agreement: $250 paperwork processing/nego fee per team & percentage fee of lease varies
Buyer/Seller Representation Commission: 10% of sale
Airport pickup/drop off: $50                                                                                                      
Sale video: $100                                                                                                               
Haul to local vet: $50
Hauling: $ 1 per mile each way

Thousand Hill Cowboy Church Rental: $10 per hour per horse
RV Spot Rentals - 1 mile from our barn

HORSE SHOW FEES                                                                                                                         
Lodging: $125 per day + cost of RV hook-up fee per rig attending show/divided by clients
Hauling 3 or more horses: 0.95 cents per horse/mile                                                                                                       
Hauling 2 horses: 0.45 cents per horse/mile + divided cost of fuel
Hauling 1 horse: 0.65cents per mile + cost of fuel                      
Travel show horse: 0.50cents per mile (TPH doesn’t haul horse)
Haul non-show horse: 0.50cents per mile (horse goes for experience)
10% charge on all fees paid by TPH on behalf of client/horse

COACHING FEES              
(Day Fees start on departure day and end day after final class shown)                                                   
1-2 client(s) day fees: $100 per day (1-2 clients showing)
3 or > client's day fees: $65 per day (3 or more clients showing)

Supply charge: $10 per horse, per day plus any additional supplies
Meals: $65.00 per day, and/or $25 per TPH employee per day, divided by # of clients
Night-watch: cost divided by number of horses attending
Banding: $50 per horse                                                                                                   
Braiding: $75-85 per horse                                                                                                             
Tail braiding: $35, varies
Medications: Bute/Banamine/Dex $15 ea, RVI: $25 ea
Show groom:$10 per horse (if present at show)
Hat shaping:$15
Use of Customer's Show Saddle: $100.00
Clipping: $25 per horse
Sponsorship for shows: varies/divided by clients                               
Bedding: varies/divided by each horse at show

Open Rider Pay Out Schedule
Owner/Rider split prize money 50/50 after paying back entry fees


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